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  • Name: Steel Drive Gates
  • Code: sd13


Steel Drive Gate

FRAME --  2”x2”(11 Gauge Tubing)                                                   RAILS  --    1-1/2”x1/2”x1/8”                                                           PICKETS – 3/4” x3/4”(16Gauge Tubing)                                                                                  (4.50” On Center)                                          FINIALS --   6” Cast Iron Safety Ball                                                CAPS  -- 2”SQ Cast Iron Post Cap



Estate Double Drive Gates
TPDD0565A  5’ to 6’x5’W  Double
TPDD0566A  5’ to 6’x6’ W  Double
TPDD0567A  5’ to 6’x7’ W  Double
TPDD0568A  5’ to 6’x8’ W  Double
TPDD0569A  5’ to 6’x9’ W  Double
 TPDD5610A  5’ to 6’x10’ W  Double


                            Estate Double Drive Gates
                              TPDD0675  6’ to 7’x5’ W
                              TPDD0676  6’ to 7’x6’ W
                              TPDD0677  6’ to 7’x7’ W
                              TPDD0678  6’ to 7’x8’ W
                              TPDD0679  6’ to 7’x9’ W
                              TPDD6710  6’ to 7’x10’W
                              TPDD6710  6’ to 7’x12’W

Estate Single Drive Gates
TPSD5610   5’ to 6’x10’W
TPSD5612   5’ to 6’x12’W
                               Estate Single Drive Gates

                               TPSD5610   5’ to 6’x10’W
                               TPSD5612   5’ to 6’x12’W